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Why do you smoke?

Cigarette smoke, 4,000 toxic irritant and contains cancer-causing chemicals. This substance as well as nicotine in the tobacco, is capable of doing serious addiction. Other chemicals brought nicotine dependence occurs because the body would be taken.

Nicotine is a very powerful psychological stimulating agents. Heroin addiction in terms of elicitation, it is not no difference cocaine and alcohol. One out of every 3 people who tried cigarettes for the first time become dependent on a single cigarette.

When a smoking for a short time in the buccal absorption of nicotine as an average of 10 seconds, and heroin reaches the brain, stimulates the central effects of substances such as cocaine causes the release of certain hormones. This enjoyment, relaxation, calming, allows the emergence of changes, such as the concentration increases. To keep your body begins to ask these changes as much nicotine reward. The number of cigarettes you drink gradually increases. Because the body develops tolerance to the effects brought against nicotine occur.

The meaning of it;

Effect is reduced by the amount of nicotine in the body increases, more is needed to increase the amount of nicotine to ensure the continuation of changes in the award proprietress.

Now your body has to take these substances, although not required. This behavior and anger you feel when you do, tension, lack of concentration, increased appetite, and depression. feelings are not something you can control your will.

Our hospital Outpatient Pulmonary Disease Uz. Dr. Mr. Nihal Bayar Bal "Smoking cessation" What can begin healthy days "Hello," you might say.