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What is Obesity? Treatment Methods What are they?

What is Obesity?
Obesity, in the simplest way, the accumulation of degree body in an abnormal and excessive oil will impair health or another identify with the adult average of 30% of body weight in women more than fat to be, in men is more than 25%.

How to measure obesity?
To determine obesity, the World Health Organization classification of obesity and often used body mass index (BMI - Body Mass Index) is measured. Body mass index is the weight in kilograms, meters is divided by the square of height. Morbid obesity, BMI 40 kg / m2 is the situation more.

Classified according to body mass index:

18.5 kg / m², which are under the
18.5 - 24.9 kg / m² first
normal weight
25 to 29.9 kg / m² first
30 to 39.9 kg / m² first
Obese (fat)
40 kg / m² is on the
Severely obese (morbidly obese)

The disease is caused by the multiple causes of obesity affects many organs in the human body. So multidisciplinary treatment that also planned to be done in an environment where multiple branches work in harmony together.
All patients admitted to the hospital first internal medicine specialist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist and is considered by the general surgeon. When deemed necessary in patients with breast disease specialists in cardiology and are inspected.
As a result of the evaluations based on these reviews is determined appropriate treatment program for patients.
- Medical nutrition (diet) treatment
- Exercise therapy
- Behavior modification therapy
- Medication
- Surgical treatment.

Obesity Surgery Surgery

Stomach tube surgery
The volume of the stomach excised major side a stomach tube reduced 80-85% is generated.
In vitro gastric surgery, the second mechanism is weight loss: weight loss by reducing the stomach volume reduction due to the mechanical restriction and stomach action.
Ghrelin is known as a substance that produces stomach tissue is removed as a result of occurrence of a hormonal change is weight loss. The tube part of the stomach in gastric surgery is removed is reduced appetite and weight loss occurs.
Gastric - Gastric By-Pass
In this technique, the stomach size and volume of the compact is reduced to about 30-50 ml. This is a smaller volume than a small cup of tea. Thus, this operation will occur limiting feature. The rest of the stomach as well as passive stops.

Gastric Balloon
In this method, the tool is placed inside the mouth to the stomach by endoscopy an empty balloon. Then the balloon is inflated and created a fullness in the patient's stomach, feeling of fullness is achieved. Gastric balloon, unlike the other three methods are defined as a surgical method. However, a significant difference from other methods also, after a certain period of balloon removal (6 months) and is not achieved permanent results.