3-9 November Organ Donation Week


Organ donation, a portion or all of a person's body, while still healthy, after brain death is to be granted in order to benefit other people.

With a view; of organ donation, there is no difference in blood transfusion. In terms of saving lives, healthy every organ donated. Ten has reached the age of eight and everyone has the ability to distinguish right and wrong, especially the heart, lungs, kidneys, organs such as the liver and pancreas; heart valve, cornea of the eye, can be donated tissues such as muscle and bone marrow, and can be transported by today's medical technology. A person can give you the chance to experience a lot of people by donating their organs. Many state and university hospitals in the organ donation process are performed in Turkey. Also while living in walkable (such as kidney) are also types of organ donation. The transport of donated organs, the Ministry of Health in the control and supervision is carried out within the information. Several institutions and organizations, organ donation campaigns are organized from time to time. In 2000, one on organ donation "National Coordination System" was formed, waiting for organs with the possibilities of ministries were involved in systematic order. Organ donation;
Department of Health,
In hospitals,
Security Directorate (during license purchase),
Engaged in organ transplant centers,
Dealing with organ transplants foundations, associations and so on. done in organizations.