Hair Transplant

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The transfer process of the hair follicle hair transplantation. Plantation, the area where the hair root is strong and intense (neck and sides) to be planted in more sparsely empty area on işlemidir.saç planting in their tissues because their texture is used, the root fit more in hair transplantation procedures with advancing technology of our 100'dür.günü% natural appearance is obtained.

Such as the move away from a variety of psychological disorders or social life situations that may occur in people with hair loss are eliminated thanks to the plantation.




Hair Transplantation FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction =)

This technique, surgical blades (scalpel) of the unit is based on the use of hair folükü removed with a special needle. 0.5-1 mm top layer of skin with motorized devices, so that the hair is cut in the middle and again with special tools follicular unit is removed without any damage from the underlying tissue loose. Each unit contains 2-4 hair follicles and roots. Hair follicles in the region to be removed before the operation is trimmed so that the 1-2 mm. Both the transmitter, as well as individual follicles are taken after applying local anesthesia to be made in the recipient area are transplanted to bald areas plantation.

HAIR FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation =)

Hair transplantation former technical FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) in the nape of the method, the frequency of root hair in the area located between the two ears, the skin's flexibility in this area and planting we denir.plas fit the removal process in strips of leather piece the size of the area to be under local anesthesia by surgery doctor with the possibility of scarring on the back of the head results in the operations is high.

Cooperation by the scalp taken by a professional team of Plastic Surgeons FUT hair transplant techniques, binary, the trio (graft / follicular unit) leave is prepared for planting.

Today in the FUE hair transplantation method with the micromotor system, FUT hair transplant method to approximate rate of the received number of grafts hair follicles can be taken, this method eliminates the preference reasons. In addition, tension and pain that occurs after surgery because of persistent trace of FUT hair transplant techniques made place with the micromotor system has received FUE hair transplantation method.






* Two ear tissue is removed from the alignment between the upper point of a line from the bottom of the imaginary
* Hair is taken from 0.5-1 mm tool
* 100% of the average received planted hair
* Received 100% of planted hair
* Will be tension in the neck for 2-3 days
* Tension is not
* Cultivated place that will not leave any trace cut
* Cultivated place that will not leave any trace cut
* Hair interest angle suitable
* Hair loss before interest, such as
* Required Shapable
* Required Shapable
* Only nape hair arable
* All the hairs on the body of arable
* The hair is poured temporarily within the first 15 days. After your natural hair starts to grow.
* The hair is poured temporarily within the first 15 days. After your natural hair starts to grow.
* Burn, planted in places like scarring
* Burn, planted in places like scarring
* Second session at the earliest 6 months
Done 2-5 days after the second session
* 10-15 days after the stitches after surgery.
* Seamless method because there is no seam.
* Eyebrows, beard, mustache arable
* Eyebrows, beard, mustache arable
* 15-day ban on heavy sports
* 15-day ban on heavy sports
* Requires Operating conditions
* Requires Operating conditions
* The total arable 6000-8000 hairs in one session
* The total arable 6000-8000 hairs in one session
* Unlimited space
* Nape hair, body hair 7-8 cm longer unlimited space





Symptoms and Causes of hair loss in men?

Usually there is a loss in the family history story.

· Oil, wheat, itchy scalp

· Psychological, neurological personality

· Loss before it starts at the border and moves, then it started an open top. Diagnosis is usually clinical view.

· Hair pull test is usually positive.

Symptoms and Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

· Women type (Androgenetic Alopecia); The most common hair decreases tiptir.tepe, sparse, thin, shorter and contains less pigment.

· Male type (Androgenetic Alopecia); are rare

· Hair loss due to iron deficiency.

· Hair loss due to irregularities in the thyroid hormones.

· Hair loss caused by hormonal disorders associated with an ovarian cyst.

· Postpartum hair loss is caused by hormonal irregularities.

· Stress-related hair loss.

Nowadays hair loss beginning of puberty until age gerilemiştir.saç transplantation operations worldwide accepted in the age limit 22. Hair loss experts who have problems to people in younger age suggest the treatment of hair.

Page visiting our guests our hair loss or alopecia problem of hair from the front, the age of the photos taken from the top and back of the neck portion, gender and phone numaralayl with us if they are sent by e-mail, hair transplantation will be evaluated by our experts. Evaluation of a person's hair if he needs to treat the hair and information about the cost of these applications will be given to our patients by our experts. This assessment will be made to inform the patient in general, but not guaranteed.



Hair loss research shows that are related to the whole world has completed the physical development of women and 70% of men are faced with the problem of hair loss due to various reasons.

1. hair loss due to genetic factors,

2. hair loss due to hormones,

3. hair loss caused by unhealthy diet,

4. Stress, due to hair loss,

5. Hair loss caused by the heat of chronic diseases,

6. hair loss due to irregular lifestyle

7 reasons of hair loss problems, such as physical trauma being experienced.

Each hair hair growth phase in the life cycle (anagen) hair resting phase (catagen) and hair loss (telogen) continues the cycle. Loss of 60 to 100 hairs daily life is normal. Hair again as long as the hair follicle activity will be longer. Instead of the daily loss of more than 100 strands of hair or the hair to start out weak and feeble hair shows that the problem of hair loss begins.

Hair loss among the most common genetic cause of male pattern hair loss (androgenic allopeci A) d. The more the womb, while hair is encoded in the future will be losing it. Testosterone (male hormone) is sensitive to the hair roots, when starting the spill affected by the spill başlar.saç begin hormone secretion is not known when it will end.

Hair loss problem continues primarily starts with hair loss becomes weakened by the hair and ends with mass-destruction of hair follicles.

Hair loss is an advanced size of the hair follicle transplantation and the final solution produced by advanced medicine at the point where that is not possible to return to the plantation.



Who made the first your hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the first time in 1940 a Japanese dermatologist Dr. Read by the. Unfortunately Dr. Read scientific publications on sheet 2 October have lost their lives in World War II have been discovered years later.

In the 1970s, American dermatologist Dr. Orentreich sheet published by the rules of the cultivation process, and could be made of all-natural hair follicular unit transplantation with another American dermatologist dr.bensta in 1998 published a scientific article describing the basics.

Since 2002, the so-called FUE hair will be defined as a method of a new plantation in 2005, who are suitable for this method and limits have been established.

Is There in terms of loss -Health?

The future people will suffer from hair transplantation has no side effects or complications.

October -Hair how?

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation performed under local anesthesia. The patient is awake during the procedure. You can read newspapers, magazines; You can watch TV.

Hair transplantation is a multi-phase operation. Hair roots to be transmitted in the first stage is obtained. There are different shapes. These are the different methods of hair transplantation.

The second stage will be placed on the area where hair folikür channels balding in step açılı the hair roots are placed into the channel

How many are there in October of nonsense Method?

Hair transplantation is now popular all over the world, there are two techniques. First, anciently applied minigrafts / mikrogreft method of follicular unit transplantation is a technique which is the improved version. This area is closed with sutures after the strip is removed from the neck. Strip under the microscope 'follicular unit' called 1 to 4 hair follicle (root) containing divided into grafts. Scalp follicular units are placed into slots with special tools.

The Latter; The removal of the strip from the back of the neck and thrown sewing follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. Or, if appropriate, of the rear portion of the head containing the bristles (shoulders, back, chest) hair follicles are removed only with a tool designed for this operation. Where the hair follicles are removed heal within a few days. People can thus make hair transplantation without seams in the neck.

Did -Natural Happening? Does that particular Becomes October?

No longer cultivated the development of hair transplantation technique seems very natural. With follicular unit transplantation, dark years of the transplanted hair look natural enough that the hair is left behind.


Does Require Continuous Care?

October 2 days after washing begins. 15 days receive special washing. Then the person goes into the wash as it wants. Continuous maintenance is required after the plantation.


Can I fondly day journey can do?

Immediately after the operation the patient can travel easily through the air or by land.

How many days after I start my business?

Patients can go to work the next day headgear. The work of people, if appropriate, until the crust is recommended fitting hat.


Requires Continuous Control?

Not required. Separated from the city in a few days, most of the patients. However, the process of the patients the occurrence of day 3 are preferred. This will not be charged any fees for checks.


7) The importance of age in Hair

The shape of the loss of many years for the process is decisive. If the skin becomes visible to the naked eye or hair density in the region is dropped below 50 percent of normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment to be administered to the patient may be the plantation.

The most important factor is determining the age of the planting process is that the unfinished ends of the hair loss. Male pattern hair loss, as well as after the age of 39-40 is an event of a lifetime loss rate slows down. Therefore, when planting in patients under the age of hair loss may continue and should then be kept in mind that the patient needs to 2nd or 3rd session.